Country 4

Gas flaring in oil fields

Inland oil fields flare a substantial amount gas, equivalent to a continuous power production of 500 MW. These oil fields are far away from large cities and industrial centers where the flared gas can be utilized to its full potential. The DLNG Energy Solution is ideal for this situation, as the liquefaction plant can be installed next to the oil field, allowing for the capture and liquefaction of the flared gas, which will then be transported to industrial clients’ sites and put to a productive use. Emissions into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases will be considerably reduced too.

Crude oil fired power plant

While much gas is being flared at the oil fields, the produced oil is transported by pipeline to the coast for its sale in international markets; however, a significant amount (18000 BOPD) is currently used in a crude fired power plant of 500 MW capacity; the DLNG Energy Solution will allow to replace most of the burnt crude oil by gas, allowing thus to sell the vast majority of the crude oil on the international market; the impact also on the environment will be significant, as gas is a much cleaner burning fuel compared to crude oil.