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Conversion of diesel generators to bifuel

Wood exploitation is a big business that today relies exclusively on diesel. These wood companies are located within the jungle and pay a premium price for the diesel they consume. Moreover, logistical challenges leave them stranded from time to time... Find out more »

Conversion of mining machinery and trucks to bifuel

Large mining operations are also much inland, far away from the coastal region where gas is available. The project developed by the DLNG Consortium will capture flare gas in mature oil fields to clean it, extract LPG... Find out more »

Steel fabrication

Some industries can convert from running 100% on diesel to running 100% on gas; steel factories are one example of such industries as their industrial processes rely on very large ovens.

Agro industries

Other factories that can convert to 100% gas are breweries as they utilize large boilers, or similar agro industries such as sugar factories. Switching to gas will bring enormous savings as well as less greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

Supply vessels

Whether they are supply and coastal cargo vessels or passenger boats, ships are prime candidates for a conversion to bifuel as they constantly ferry cargo and people back and forth between rather close locations... Find out more »


Locomotives are enormous consumers of diesel and are excellent candidates for a conversion to bifuel. The supply of gas to the engine of the locomotive will come from a dedicated cryogenic wagon that will hold the LNG... Find out more »