Our Team

Dr. Frédéric Briens

Dr. Frédéric Briens is the founder of Africa Liquid Energy and a petroleum engineer with a 35-year history of professional experience in the oil and gas industry in all parts of the world. Dr. Briens has held the highest positions within oil and gas exploration... Find out more »

Mr. Rob Kayser

Mr. Rob Kayser is an upstream oil and gas production and field manager with over 35 years of hands-on experience internationally. He has worked in offshore and onshore fields in Syria, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Australia, Canada, and in Africa from 2012, in Chad, Madagascar, and Kenya... Find out more »

Mr. Henri Bongo

Mr. Henri Bongo is a Gabonese oil and gas professional with 24 years of experience in Gabon with upstream oil and gas operators. Mr. Bongo has occupied senior management positions in companies such as Perenco and Maurel and Prom, where he was Head of Cost Control and Supply Chain Director... Find out more »

Ms. Stella Mitchell

Ms Stella Mitchell is a well-rounded Project Services professional with over 21 years of experience in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry with both EPC contractors and upstream operators. She specializes in project planning & scheduling, cost estimation & valuation, cost control, earned value management... Find out more »

Mr. Joseph Wachira

Mr. Joseph Wachira is a young petroleum engineer coming from the first-ever promotion of petroleum engineers of Kenyatta University Gas and Petroleum Engineering Department, the only one of its kind in East Africa. Mr. Wachira has led the execution of several projects to compile information, calculate oil flow potential... Find out more »

Ms. Michelle Boit

Ms. Michelle Boit is a petroleum and production engineer with experience in the USA and Africa, namely in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Chad. Ms. Boit was instrumental in the design and delivery of the first oil production project in Kenya. She is skilled to conduct engineering studies as well as supervise the execution of projects in the field... Find out more »

Africa Liquid Energy is able to call upon different vendors supplying the small-scale liquefaction technology that is needed in the various projects under consideration. The selection of a particular technology depends on specific characteristics of each project and the corresponding costs.

Africa Liquid Energy also works with ComAp that is the world leader for the conversion of diesel stationary and moving motors to using bifuel, a mixture of diesel and gas, with proportions typically ranging from 50/50 to 30/70 of diesel and gas respectively.


ComAp, the leader in power generation and engine control, provides customer focused solutions to a wide range of industries in hundreds of locations around the world. Its objective is to provide unrivalled value to our customers by delivering smart power control solutions and by providing the highest standards of service and support; it provides solutions for the following: operational cost optimization, enhanced system performance, extended gen-set life, emission reduction, fuel consumption reduction, distribution network and engine protection. ComAp has developed an easy-to-fit bi-fuel management package which converts any diesel engine to run primarily on gas. ComAp has solutions for both stationary and mobile engines.