Our Vision

Our vision: Maximizing the use of readily available gas resources

Africa Liquid Energy is currently progressing its initiative in four African countries that have readily available natural gas resources and large industries that are inland and far away from the sources of gas. Three out of four of these countries are flaring significant amounts of gas in their large oil fields will be captured and put it to a productive use, eliminating a wasted resource polluting the environment and allowing industrial users currently running on diesel and fuel oils to significantly reduce their consumption of these expensive imported fuels and hence drastically reduce their fuel costs.

Africa Liquid Energy also knows that this will also result in a massive reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. Every year, the world adds 51 billon tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Africa Liquid Energy’s initiative will be a part of the energy transition in the world.

Africa Liquid Energy is also promoting the change from diesel to bifuel (a mixture of diesel and natural gas) that can be done without any major capital expenditure for diesel engines, With this approach, a reduction of 50% to 70% of the consumed diesel is achievable. Certain industries like food or steel industries can convert to 100% usage of gas for their boilers or ovens.

Certain power projects such as hydro dams or geothermal plants take a long time to be implemented and often fail to materialize due to their high costs and corresponding environmental issues. These projects can now be substituted by gas-fired power plants that will run on natural gas supplied under LNG form.