Country 2

Offshore gas flaring

Large volumes of gas are being flared from offshore oil production platforms; these platforms are not able to accommodate additional equipment such as gas treatment and gas compression to, for instance, re-inject the gas into the oil producing horizons... Find out more »

Huge mining operations

The flared gas liquefied at the offshore oil platforms will be transported with cryogenic containers inland, first with river barges then flatbed trucks to very large cities where the gas will be used to substitute diesel-based power generation, then further inland to extremely large open-pit mining operations... Find out more »

River barge transportation

There is an intense use of the river for inland transportation of goods and supplies, and transportation of mining production or wood logs to the coast; the barges and tug boats that sustain these operations are prime candidates for a conversion to bifuel. They will need to have access to LNG depots where they can replenish their LNG tanks.